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Trail Blazer - FREE Members

* 10 Second Surf Timer
* 3:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
* $0.01/350 pages surfed
* Assign minimum 75%
* Ref bon 10Cr10Ban10Tx
* 10% commission
* 2 Downline Level
* 7% Credits 1st Level
* Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
* List 5 sites/bann/text
* Weekly Jackpot
* Residual Income

Mud Bogger - $9.99/month

* 8 Second Timer
* 3:2 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
* $0.03/350 pages surfed
* List 15 sites/bann/text
* Ref bon 20Cr20Ban20Tx
* 400 Credits per Mo.
* 20% commission
* 3 Downline Levels
* 11% Credits 1st Level
* Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
* Double Prizes in Jackpots
* Residual Income
* Dynamic Upgrades

Off Road Master $14.99/mo

* 6 Second Timer
* 1:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
* $0.05/350 pages surfed
* List 25 Websites
* Ref bon 50Cr50Ban50Tx
* 30% commission
* 5 Downline Levels
* 13% Credits 1st Level
* Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
* 30% Comm on upgrades
* Residual Income
* Random Referrals
* Double Prizes in Jackpots
* Dynamic Upgrades
* 600 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.

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1. Focus on managing your accounts (at all times) 2. Focus on tracking your results (it's a must) 3. Focus on making the correct changes (if you don't you will suffer) 4. Focus on one program at a time (secret key of the wealthy)

We offer 4 advertising methods that make up the Formula to our Advertising Success.

1. Page Views (you need visitors before you receive sales) 2. Text links (this tool can convert browsers into buyers quickly) 3. Banners (we've all seen them before and they still work well today) 4. Email Marketing (once you refer members you can email them)

Here's a wonderful way to bring the traffic right to your door step by joining this program created and produced by one of this niche's most talked about and successful marketers around... these two know what they're doing when it comes to team work (Dan's many TEs that produce thousands of dollars in sales and commissions for the members... while producing great advertising results at the same time), traffic generation (they now own or co-own 7 traffic generators), and ProTrackerPlus.com (a new state-of-the-art ad tracker).

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